Family Vacations on a Budget Ideas

Vacation-TravelGoing on a vacation together is an important aspect for a family. But, if on a low budget, it is difficult to go on a vacation to some exotic spot with a large family. The travel, lodging, boarding expenses, as well as shopping expenses have to be taken into consideration. You must already have experienced common budget vacation plans like picnic, camping, road trips, travel to farms, etc. Apart from these, there are certain destinations that have discount offers. Here are a few ideas for inexpensive vacations.

National Parks
Vacations to national parks are the best options for low-cost family vacations. It is great fun to camp in the woods, ski in the snow, and enjoy the scenic beauty around. Kids will love to watch the wildlife and explore the parks. It would be a fun-filled family adventure vacation. Look out for national parks that are feasible and convenient to travel to.

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee is the most visited national park in the US. It is located in the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee. The entry to this national park is absolutely free. You can experience auto touring, bicycling, fishing, hiking, and camping here. Children as well as adults will love the waterfalls and wildlife. The Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is another option. There is no entry fee for children below the age of 15 years here. Annual discounted passes are also available. Here you can enjoy activities such as camping, hiking, and fishing.

Cruise Vacations
Many people are unaware that a cruise vacation can be an option for budget vacations. Some cruise companies provide exciting and reasonable offers. You have to look out for the services provided by the cruises and opt for only those you want. You will be benefited by the all-inclusive prices of the cruise. Short duration cruises are comparatively cheaper. There are numerous means of entertainment like pools, casinos, live entertainment, spas, etc., on a cruise, and no one in the family will feel left out of the excitement. Some cruises also offer babysitting services. Check out all the details well in advance, so that you are sure what to opt for and what suits your need the best.

Disney cruise is a Disney-theme based cruise owned by an American company. There are numerous state rooms and they offer low prices if kids occupy the same room with the parents. There are various attractive activities for kids, teens, as well as adults, included in the cruise. Carnival Cruise lines own a fleet of ships. The Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico, etc., are some of its destinations. The water slides on these cruises will enchant your kids to no extent. You may find reasonable prices during an off-season.

Beach Vacations
Certain beaches are low-cost vacation spots. Traveling expenses will be minimal in a beach vacation. You just have to pay for the resorts and the food. Look out for the all-inclusive resorts, and do not hesitate to ask for discounts. Many resorts offer additional discounts to attract tourists.

The Tulum beach of Mexico is a popular budget vacation destination. You can enjoy the white sand, sea view rooms and showers on the beaches, and that too at affordable prices. The Placencia beach in Belize is another good option. Here you can also enjoy the kayak trip and explore the wildlife. Some Caribbean beaches having private resorts also have reasonable deals on offer. Look out for their off-season offers.

Before planning a budget family vacation, consider stop-over flights or flights with flexible schedule, as they are cheaper. You can also inquire for group discounts in hotels. In some hotels, there are per-person discounts if kids share the room. You can use folding cots or sleeping bags. Remember, planning for a budget travel in the off-season, and well in advance will save you a lot of money.


Classic Summer Lodges in North America

download (48)It is summer time again, this time you are doing it in North America. It is the favorite time of the year when you get to know exactly what it means to spend memorable moments with family. What would make it more memorable than spending your nights in the best resorts in North America? In your travel budget, do not forget to include classic summer lodges in North America; they are not expensive, just pocket friendly prices. Whether you are travelling alone or as a family, there is perfect accommodation waiting for you. There are resorts which double as lodges that will offer you the comfort you deserve.
Here are the top most classic lodges;

1. Gray Eagle Lodge

This has been named among the top 10 summer lodges to spend time in North America by National Geographic. This lodge is located in the Lakes Basin, California. Most of the time you will be on your feet and hiking to the alpine lakes.

2. Woodloch Resort

This is found in Pennsylvania, Pocono Mountains and has more than thirty activities that you can do. The amenities are superb. There is something for every one of all ages. The lodge is perfect for summer and any other time of the year. This has been named among the world’s best all-inclusive resorts.

3. Fair Hills Resort

A classic lodge found in north Minnesota, just out of Lake Wobegon. Before night falls, you can enjoy an array of activities including swimming and sailing or you could play volleyball and tennis. There is always a weekly talent show dubbed “Hootenanny” that you can participate in.

4. Villa Roma Resort

Found in the Catskills of New York, you will definitely find something to do not only during summer but also in other seasons. During summer, take your family here for horseback riding and rock climbing. Enjoy sports such as tennis, softball, basketball and volleyball.

5. Highland Lodge

This lodge is located in Greensboro, Vermont. There are eleven cottages which are run by third generation innkeepers. The architecture is worth appreciating. These cottages face the Caspian Lake. There are also summer homes hidden in driveways. Children get a chance to swim, kayak and canoe of beaches in the Caspian Lake. Dishes are a typical cuisine of the region.

These are the top classic summer lodges in North America. Book your ticket now and travel to North America to get firsthand experience of being accommodated in these resorts.



5 Essential Travel Tips for Your Summer Mountain Trip

download (46)If you’ve got a summer mountain trip on the books, you’re probably the envy of everyone you know right now, especially if you live anywhere that’s hot.

And rightly so, because there’s nothing in this world that beats the beauty, peace and spiritual refreshment that can be had on a mountain retreat – and when you’re in the mood for some fun or excitement, the mountains have plenty of that, too.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably paid a lot of money for this vacation, and you may be spending valuable time off from work, too. So you’ll want to do everything you can to make your trip extra-special and problem-free-and that begins with some smart mountain travel trips:

One: Pack smart.

Summer mountain trips can be characterized by warm days, cool nights and sudden rainstorms. If possible, get some clothing advice from the owner or manager of the property where you’ll be staying, or from friends or family who live in or have visited the area where you’re headed.

Also, be sure and read the weather forecast before you start packing. Other packing tips include:

• Pack a mix of short and long-sleeved clothing, as well as a mix of shorts and long pants.

• Bringing a light jacket (something you can tie around your waist if it gets warm) is highly recommended.

• Layered ensembles (ones where you can remove outer layers as it warms up) are always a good idea.

• Don’t forget your running shoes or hiking boots, as well as comfortable shoes for shopping or sight-seeing.

• Other essentials include hats, broad-screen protection sunscreen lotion, and UVA-UVB blocking sunglasses. (Bonus tip: Keep a sunscreen stick in your purse or backpack for easy and mess-free reapplication while you are out and about.)

• If you’re cold-natured, you might want to bring long johns or winter-friendly pajamas.

Two: Be prepared for the weather.

As mentioned above, there’s some unpredictability with mountain weather. Depending on where you’re going for your mountain trip and what you intend to do when you get there, you may need to consider bringing along the following;

• Compass
• Rain gear
• Extra mobile phone batteries
• Flashlight
• First Aid kit
• Matches
• Vacuum-sealed food and bottled water

Three: Figure out driving head of time.

Depending on the location and weather conditions, driving in the mountains can be tricky. If you’re going to drive while you’re on your trip, read up on some mountain driving safety tips and make sure your car receives the appropriate maintenance before you leave.

Four: Figure out what you want to see ahead of time.

You’ll want to spend your time relaxing or enjoying your activities while you’re actually on vacation, so take some time before your trip to research options and map out a game plan of your destinations and favorite things to do. The tourism bureaus of the state/region where you’re going to visit are excellent places to start.

Five: Have an emergency game plan.

If you intend to hike or do anything in the water while you’re on your trip, or if your mountain hideaway is rather remote, you’ll want to be prepared in the event of an emergency:

• Bring a first aid kit and other emergency supplies (see “be prepared for the weather” above).
• Make arrangements for someone to check on you via phone call or text.
• Find out where the nearest urgent care or emergency clinics are in advance.
• Make sure to pack appropriate amounts of essential medication.



Book Hotel in Lombok

hotel-di-lombokLombok is small, but exotic. Located in Indonesia this island has beautiful landscape with tropical weather that will give you explanation of what heaven is. This wonderful island is included to the NTB (Nusa Tenggara Barat) province that has so many uniqueness from the nature, custom, and traditional food. Lately, Lombok has been so popular because of its tourist site in the island. There are numerous natural sites such as beaches, waterfall, and many more. It is not weird if so many tourists come to Lombok. There are domestic and foreign tourists that come to see the exotic scenery in Lombok.

Lombok is an island that has width reaching 5.435 km². The capital city of Lombok is in Mataram City. Lombok is separated with Bali only with the Sunda straits. There are four regencies and one town in the island, Mataram city (the capital city), West Lombok regency, Central Lombok regency, East Lombok regency, and North Lombok regency. The people in Lombok using Bahasa Indonesia as their language, but there is one another language used in this island that is Bahasa Sasak. The inhabitant consists of the Sasak tribe, and the rest is Balinese, Javanese, Chinese, and Arabians.

If you want to go to Lombok, you can spend your night in the cheap hotel in Lombok. There are so many Lombok hotels that you can book online. You can visit to search many hotels in the island with variant prices. If your budget is limited, you can search for the cheap best hotels in The price starts at approximately Rp 400.000. To book hotels online is easy. Just enter the website that you choose then enter the date when you want to check in and check out. This is needed to search some promo offer by the hotel. If you had got the recommendation and the price you can just order it and pay the cost via banking.

You will never be disappointed to go to Lombok as it has many popular tourist sites. The most popular is Senggigi Beach. This beach located in the west part of Lombok islands. You can go snorkeling because the wave is not big. Next, you can go to Batu Bolong near Senggigi Beach. This place is a Balinese Temple built above the coral in the edge of the beach. Another place are Gili Lombok island, Sekotong beach, Gili Nanggu, Mount Rinjani, Sendang Gila waterfall, and many more.


Visiting Maryland And Getting The Most From Your Stay

Maryland, which is also referred to as the Old Line State and Little America, probably won’t be your first choice, when planning a vacation. Although the state has been hit with some critical news coverage in past months, it is still a viable option for those looking for a comfortable getaway. Maryland was amongst the original Thirteen Colonies, so you can guarantee it reeks of historical value. Finding a great city to visit in Maryland won’t be difficult. Just check out the information below and find out for yourself.


Baltimore is, without a doubt, the most active and energetic city in Maryland. The attractions are plentiful and they’ll be able to satisfy each and every member of your family. First and foremost, there is the Baltimore Aquarium. The establishment originally opened in 1981 and it is now home to over 17,000 specimens! In 2011, the City Paper Reader’s Poll named it the “Best Attraction”. Suffice to say, it is a necessity for those traveling with youngsters.

Another reason to visit Baltimore is the Oriole Park. The MLB baseball park is home to the Baltimore Orioles and has been since 1992. The stadium is capable of holding a little over 45,000 people and you can guarantee the stadium gets packed when the Orioles square off against their biggest rivals, the Washington Nationals!

Ocean City

If you want to skip the crowds in Baltimore, you should instead consider visiting Ocean City. Although the streets will still be busy, you won’t encounter the volume of congestion that you would in Baltimore. Still, Ocean City offers an array of amazing attractions, with the beaches being amongst the most popular. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is also something you’ll want to check out, while you’re in the city.

Those that want to relive history won’t have any difficulty achieving that goal in Ocean City. The city contains a handful of historical attractions, including the famous Sailboat Wreck, the Ocean City Life Saving Station Museum, and the original Atlantic Hotel. Each is equally amazing and they’ll offer plenty for each member of your family to enjoy.


Morningside isn’t the most recognizable location in Maryland, but it is undoubtedly unique in its own right. The small town is steeped in history and was originally founded by a small coalition of veterans in 1949. Although the town might not offer the same exciting attractions as the aforementioned cities, it delivers in hospitality and atmosphere. It is one of the few towns in America, where you can still feel like you’re taking a stroll back in time.

The town is home to the Michael J Polley Neighborhood Park, as well as one of the biggest VFW, Veterans Of Foreign Wars, posts within the country! And Morningside is strategically located. It can provide tourists with rapid access to Camp Springs, District Heights, and Joint Base Andrews!



5 Perfect Summer Destinations

download (47)5 perfect summer destinations to enjoy.

Summer is coming! And with summer comes the desire to escape on a glorious summer holiday, preferably somewhere warm with plenty of sunshine and relaxation. With time running out to plan a summer 2016 holiday, we’ve compiled a list of a top five destinations for a summer getaway this year.

1. Turkey

Turkey has long been a very popular holiday destination with its sandy beaches, mouth-watering local food and lively bazaars. Its history is fascinating, the scenery is spectacular and the architecture is awe-inspiring. And despite its rich culture, Turkey is still known to be outstanding value for money. For a beach holiday offering serious bang for your buck, Turkey ticks all the boxes, with many four and five star hotels available at low prices.

2. Majorca

Mountains, monasteries, sand and sea – Majorca is the jewel in the crown of the Balearic Islands, and a favourite summer destination for those craving some serious sunshine. Just a short flight from the UK, Majorca is popular for holidaymakers looking for a convenient – yet distinct and memorable – getaway with ample amounts of relaxation and adventure.

3. Sharm el Sheikh

With its sun-kissed beaches, crystal clear waters and magnificent coral reefs, it’s no surprise that Sharm el Sheikh – affectionately known as ‘Sharm’ by its many fans – is one of our most popular summer destinations. Offering a great range of family-friendly getaways and four & five star hotels at low prices, Sharm el Sheikh remains a favourite summer getaway year after year.

4. Marrakech

Marrakech is the summer destination for those looking for a sunny getaway without the beach – but with medinas, pools, culture, delicious cuisine and glorious weather to boot! Known as the ‘red city’ thanks to the colour of the brick-and-mud walls that surround it, Marrakech will set your senses alight with the irresistible charm and colours of Morocco in summer.

5. Tenerife

If you’re dreaming of a sun-drenched summer getaway in the famous Canary Islands, a holiday in Tenerife should be at the top of your list! The largest and most populous of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is a summer favourite with 350 kilometres of coastline, two world heritage sites and a national park – more than enough to satisfy its 10 million annual visitors!

So if you have already booked your dream destination this year don’t forget to book your parking also.

As you probably know in the summer time it is very hard to find a space at Gatwick Airport. Prices also can get very high during the summer months and you can end up paying over the top.


Points to Tour in Buenos Aires

When you arrive to the Boutique Buenos Aires hotel, an excellent stay awaits thousands of tourists permanently.

Opting for hotel accommodation in Buenos Aires and booking the airfare is the first step for a lot of days of entertainment.

One of the most visited neighborhoods by tourists who come to the city is San Telmo. It represents the neighborhood with the most years of the city of Buenos Aires, and has a particular mystique in its narrow streets.

San Telmo is just a short distance from the famous Plaza de Mayo, the traveled between one place to another, by tourists or locals, could be done walking and it is quite common to see tourists there.

In times of its foundation were Italian immigrants who settled in the neighborhood of La Boca, on the banks of the Riachuelo River; today famous for its high pollution.

In those years, it was a place where boats arrived to the place that functioned as a port.

The most characteristic feature of the houses of La Boca are its colorful colors in which they have been painted that gives a particular imprint.

The variety of music that is mixes in their streets invite to enjoy a night of pure tango or the best rock.

The center of San Telmo is the Plaza Dorrego, one of the oldest in the city of Buenos Aires. Since the founding of the city, the lands of San Telmo were divided among the most powerful classes. With a great story, there are laws that preserve its ancient architecture, and prohibit modification of narrow streets paved on that time.

Another point of San Telmo that is very frequented is the market that bears his name. His great history began in 1891 when it first opened its doors to the public. From that day until now, has maintained sales positions. In 2001 it was declared a national historic emblem.

Caminito is the best known street of the place where many artists and renowned painters have left their works on the walls, as the great Martin Quinquela. In the same place where the painter had lived he rose a museum with his name to expose each and every one of his works. Also other artists exhibit there their works at present.

The stadium of Boca Juniors, one of the greatest football clubs of Argentina is in the neighborhood.

A neighborhood known for several reasons, where you can see works of art in the street and enjoy the bohemian imposed on each step. Therefore, it is a chosen point of interest by tourists.


Striking Destinations No One Has Ever Heard About!

“A Journey is Best Measured in Friends, rather than Miles” – Tim Cahill

Where to go? We all face this big question as the holiday season approaches. Kids hooting, wives rebuking, moms interrogating and dads advising, whose choice will you take into consideration? Some of the apparent choices like Kashmir, Thailand, Goa, Paris, America, Rome and then they are the not so apparent choices. Only a connoisseur’s eye and taste can find those hidden gems of the world.

Let’s know about some of the offbeat destinations of the globe.

Makepeace Island in Australia

One of the most photogenic destinations in the world is the Makepeace Island, well placed in Australia. This magnificent isle was developed in the year 2009 by Sir Richard Branson, the idiosyncratic founder and owner of the Virgin Group. It offers a paradisiacal experience to its visitors. Earlier, it was developed as a private getaway for the owner Richard Branson and Brett Godfrey, which is now open to all.

One can locate this island on the Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Australia. It is a perfect place for those who seek total aloofness and secrecy. With extremely delicious food, the place also have enthralling activities such as an open-air cinema, fishing (Beautiful Mangrove Jacks, Bream and Flathead are caught right off the Makepeace dock) and kayaking.

Juzcar Village in Spain

The town Juzcar works as an antidote for people who are feeling “Blue”. Every single inch of the village is painted completely blue… !! Want to know? Why is it in blue color? Well, in the year 2011, a Hollywood movie “The Smurfs” celebrated its premiere in this town and for which the place was painted blue. Since then, it is in blue color and now has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in the Andalusia region of Spain. Enjoy a quiet, peaceful and isolated weekend at this small town with your dear ones.

Bay of Fundy in Canada

After being to this place, the thought that will strike your mind will be “God is the most talented artist”, who created this incogitable bay of sheen water bodies and outlandish rock formations. This bay is the spectator of the highest tides in the world. On the Canada’s Bay of Fundy, hundred billion tons of water move to and fro at least twice a day. While being here, indulge yourself in fossil hunting activities (during low tides). But, the most hair-raising activity is Kayaking in the limpid waters of the Bay.

This place will make you nostalgic. Don’t forget to click some pictures well surrounded by the bulging sea caves and cliffs.

Avebury in England

Have you ever heard about the Stonehenge and its precious Neolithic treasures? Visit Avebury and you will be able to rethink on your beliefs about Stonehenge; the habitat of the best Neolithic monuments. Avebury is considered to be the best place by countless visitors and also spooky at the same time, situated about 20 miles north of Stonehenge. These are the various coextensive stones placed in and around an archaic village.

Don’t forget to visit the onsite museum that puts on display numerous incredible findings from the mining site that happened to be in the year 1930.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your holidays and explore some of the hidden and beautiful places of the world.



7 Fun Facts You Should Know Before Moving To Portland

For the last few years Portland, Oregon has been one of the most popular places that people are moving to. Maybe it’s in pursuit of a place with fresh air, green as far as the eye can see or somewhere that has its own distinct cool and innovative vibe. Whatever the reason, here are a few things to consider before your move to the beaver state.

1. Rain: When they say it rains a lot that might be an understatement. Rain is a constant in Portland; even on a nice day the clouds may open up and let out a 5 minute burst. Life continues on as usual and most Oregonians laugh when they hear that people in places like Los Angeles completely lose there minds at the sight a small drizzle.

2. Green. Not only is the actual landscape of Portland itself very lush but green also refers to the mindset of the people. It is a very environmentally conscious city. Recycling is a must and remember to bring your reusable bags when you go to the grocery store.

3. Transportation: People in Portland defiantly do have cars, but if you are living in the city proper it really isn’t always necessary to have one. Public transportation is also very efficient, like the MAX light rail service.

4. Bikes: Biking is taken very seriously here. Always share the road if you do plan to drive or maybe your move to Portland is a time to make a change to getting around as a cyclist.

5. Beer: Now here is a town that really takes their beer seriously. There are over 60 microbreweries and counting in the downtown area. Just don’t try to visit them all in one day!

6. Landscape: Portland is perfectly situated in the state that some of its most beautiful scenery is only a short car ride away. Mt. Hood is a beautiful day trip only an hour from the city, the Pacific Ocean is less than a two-hour drive away and the Colombia River Gorge offers breathtaking waterfalls and vistas that are well worth the short drive.

7. Keep Portland Weird: This has been a common slogan for many years that you will hear and see around town. Although there are all types of people that live in Portland, it is known as a city that embraces people of all walks of life with open arms.

This was just a taste of what Portland has to offer. The list could be endless for all of the amazing things this city has to offer. This is a truly unique city where everyone has the ability to be who they truly are and express themselves. Hopefully this has given you a few tidbits about what you have to look forward to when you move to Portland.


Unwrap the Fog Shrouded Icons of San Francisco

Are you excited to explore the land of fog and amusement? Then, come and say hello… to San Francisco. Some of the amazing and must visit destinations of the city are:

The Golden Gate Bridge

Once this bridge was called “the bridge that couldn’t be built” and today it is one of the most famous attractions of the city. This brilliant piece of architecture was made functional in the year 1937 after a four year battle with the fog, wind and disloyal tides.

You might have seen it numerous times in the Hollywood movies, but still you will be surely blown away by its orange curve steeping adroitly across the San Francisco Bay. Don’t forget to click some photographs from every possible angle.


The San Francisco’s Chinatown offers you the fastest tour, you will ever make to Hong Kong’s past and present. Here, you will find the largest Chinese communities living outside China, but as you will walk around and explore the streets, you will find a unique touristy feel to the buildings. They give you a clear picturisation of the 20th century Chinese architecture. To see the real authentic feel, just enter into the alleys of the town. Make some extra efforts and explore the little tea shops and places selling those known herbal medicines. The crowd is really overwhelming here.

Museums and more Museums…

San Francisco has somewhat about 20 museums – a sturdy choice.

An inevitable experience at the Alcatraz (a.k.a. The Rock). Formerly, it was a security prison, which is now transformed into a national park. It has been an accommodation for the iconic buddies like Scarface Al Capone and Mafioso, the kidnappers and the spies. Look back in those bygone bad days on a tour preferably at night, do your bookings in advance as the tickets get sold out fortnight.

Next, you must visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art that will surely blow your head away. If you have less time, then you can at least explore the photography assemblage to gasp at the eminent displays by Ansel Adams, William Klein, Dorothea Lange and other modern greats.

The Exploratorium, city’s wonderful science museum is a perfect place to discover the hidden child within you.


You went to the Lombard Street… right? A unique twisty street with eight sharp hairpin turns is just extra caringly built with exquisite flowering borders. Either walk or drive down, and yes don’t forget to take some pictures.

The exclusive Cable Car in San Francisco institution is a fun way to explore the city’s suburb region while the car jiggles up and down the hilly streets with cacophony of bell noises. Your luck may play its turn and you might escape long line and get a seat with a view.

Whenever you are on the San Francisco holidays, don’t miss to explore the above destinations.